Ts & Cs


Terms and conditions:

1) Full asking price to be paid

2) Only includes vehicles, that didn’t suit your needs or you thought it was the wrong vehicle for you

3) The vehicle you didn’t like can only be exchanged into another stock vehicle from LDSM Ltd.:

a) in case another vehicle is more expensive – the price difference to be paid to LDSM Ltd.

b) in case another vehicle is cheaper – LDSM Ltd. will refund you the difference

4) Term of 7 days will be counted from the day you collected your vehicle

5) You won’t be able to exercise “7 DAYS EXCHANGE GUARANTEE” after the Term passed

6) There will be no refund issued for using this option, unless refund was issued following Consumer Rights Act 2015

7) There will be no refund done on any extra costs, neither it can be taking into account for any extra work done to the vehicle by your order before the collection

8) You as a customer will be responsible to return vehicle in the condition it was collected and with all paperwork you were given, any damage done to the vehicle will be taken off your total price paid for the vehicle

9) ‘’7 DAYS EXCHANGE GUARANTEE “ option cannot be exercised for vehicles purchased on finance

10) “7 DAYS EXCHANGE GUARANTEE” option can only be used 2 times for that sale

11) “7 DAYS EXCHANGE GUARANTEE” option is valid from 1st of October 2015 until further notice

12) “7 DAYS EXCHANGE GUARANTEE” option can only be used on vehicles advertised with this option

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